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We love Top 10 lists, especially when they feature kids' favorite videos. This month's top ten introduces similar themes: cute animals, funny kids, lots of dancing and some flushing. The following children's videos cover at least one of the aforementioned pleasures, if not more. So gather the family around the laptop, smartphone or other medium of choice and enjoy these fun facts and their complementary clips.
  • Cat Flushing a Toilet - We don't know what's more delightful—the cat that's flushing the toilet or the cat's theme song, by Parry Gripp. The singer-songwriter has created a number of funny, family-friendly songs, such as "Great Nachos, Great Price," "Do You Like Waffles?" and of course, "Cat Flushing a Toilet." We know you love his "Cat Flushing" has been on the Kideos Top 10 list more often than not.  For more feline fun, check out our cats videos for kids.

  • Evian Roller Babies - Have boom box, will travel: The Evian Roller Babies rocked and rolled into the YouTube Universe last year and onto numerous Top 10 lists.  The online ad campaign went viral, receiving more than 100 million total views—breaking the world record for the most viewed online advertisement in history. The skater-babes have reportedly made the leap to TV advertising, currently appearing on LA stations. Some of the babies from the Evian commercial even have their own Facebook page.  What's next, a million-dollar sports contract?

  • Gummy Bear: Cho Ka Ka O - International dancing and singing sensation Gummibär is more than just Internet eye candy, though kids everywhere can't get enough of his videos. The self-proclaimed "yummy tummy funny lucky gummy bear" can sing in five languages, including Hungarian and Spanish.

  • All the Single Babies - Kids like watching each other do silly things, so the popularity of this video of a baby dancing to Beyonce's song "All the Single Ladies" comes as no surprise. The surprising thing about this diaper dance is 13-month-old Cory"s moves—which he mastered before walking.

  • Shrek Dancing Babies - We've already established the fact that kids love watching other kids doing funny stuff; now imagine what happens when the dancing baby happens to be an animated green ogre a la Shrek. Hilarity ensues! This clip features DreamWorks' computer animated character nailing all sorts of dance moves, including one that looks like "churning the butter."

  • The Little Breakdancer - So far, all but one of the Top 10 videos feature kids or animated characters busting a move; this clip stays in step with the trend. The tiny dancer that breakdances through this video looks like he could hold his own with the best of the b-boys.

  • Goofy Fancy Dance - The mere mention of his name—Goofy—is bound to send kids into fits of giggles. This clip features Mickey Mouse, Goofy and other Disney friends prepping for the Fancy Dance. Listen closely for Goofy's laugh; a former circus clown turned Disney "storyman" gave Goof his iconic guffaw.

  • Sesame Street: Outdoors With Jason Mraz - Singer-songwriter Jason Mraz adapts his hit "I'm Yours" for Elmo and the rest of the Sesame Street gang to produce a new hit—"Outdoors." The song invites kids to play outside, and by the looks of the video you"re on the fast track to fun just by opening the front door.

  • Charlie Bit My Finger - This clip of a British baby using his brother's finger as a teether has been watched more than 170 million times since its YouTube debut in May 2007. By the fall of 2009 it had become the site's most viewed video of all time. In this case, a little sibling rivalry pays off.

  • Funny Collection of Dogs, Cats and Kids Sleeping - What's cuter than cute? Pets and kids sprawled and snoozing as only children, cats and dogs can. If you're an animal lover (like me), you'll also enjoy our cute animal videos.  Either way, this video will make you want to snuggle up to the computer and take a nap. ZZZZ…

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